Welcome to Ultra Refrigeration

Ultra Refrigeration Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company offering refrigeration and air conditioning installation and service to the commercial sector.


Ultra Refrigeration was established in 2001 emanating from a perception that there was a need within the industry for a company that went back to basics, one that possessed those attributes intrinsically sought by customers i.e., a company that is reliable, offering the highest standard of workmanship with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction.


The core philosophy of Ultra Refrigeration; "working together, we'll make it happen".


As attitudes and business methods of other Refrigeration and Air Conditioning companies force them to focus inward as they expand their repertoire in order to be more competitive, Ultra Refrigeration endeavour to provide a superior standard of workmanship in all facets of the business, from design and sales, to installation, service and maintenance with a particular emphasis on premium customer service.


Ultra Refrigeration has secured their place in the market with the advantage of over 30 years experience in the industry, existing relationships with suppliers and contractors, and a firm commitment to quality.


No matter how good the product or service on offer, no business can achieve true success without a strong knowledge of the industry market.


Communicating to potential customers their need for what you have to offer, your understanding of that need, and your ability to fulfill that need to their satisfaction is crucial. It ensures initial interest is converted into a business transaction that proves beneficial to all and also supports a mutual flow of ideas between client and service provider.


The business’s best advertisements are the projects it installs and maintains.

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